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Satanic Panic in the Attic

17 March
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Before curiosity kills it, the cat learns more of the world than a hundred uninquisitive dogs.
abandoned buildings, abandoned refrigerators, alcoholic beverages, assgrinding, avoiding the obvious, beautiful piano, ben katz, black holes, blectum from blechdom, brain connections, brain tornadoes, brains, bruce mcculloch, cartoon sex, cello, challenging your hopes, coffee on a rampage, collected memories, comics, crackpot science, cryogenics, dark humor, dead kids in refrigerators, deleting your face, drive through liquor stores, eating your face, eating your lies, falling clues, feline elusiveness, glechlimkack, gore, horror, human movement, imagination, investigations, ivy tech, jim goad, kitty faces, kitty feet, knowing you, laughing, learning new things, liberating random objects, literally speaking, metaphorically speaking, milk and cheese, morbid curiosity, my dirty secrets, my un-noticed sarcasm, not being dead, outer space, outer space buses, penelope carrots, piano, piano senses, playing around, pretending you are right, punching your face, questioning, random object awareness program, random objects, reading between the lines, reprogramming my brain, respect, roberto benigni, sarcasm, scrabble, sidewalk art, sign language, silent hill, skeleton legs, smashing my dreams, sophie tucker, strawberry chapstick, stupid humans, talking with sock puppets, the human body, the human brain, the madness, the throbbing penis, the universe, things inside your pocket, time travel, tornadic brain storms, traveling inside brains, walking through puddles barefoot, writing, your dirty secrets